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Gailey Associates, Inc. offers a virtually unlimited list of investigative capabilities. Listed below is a comprehensive list of investigation services we offer our clients. Our licensed private detectives individually specialize in each service. All of these private investigation services are available in California. Our international investigation services are limited. Please contact one of our international private detectives for a more defined list on investigations offered. Click on the investigation service title for additional information.

Litigation Support
Insurance and Corporate Fraud
Locating Witnesses
Asset Searches
Elder Abuse Investigations
Post-Verdict Jury Investigations
Criminal Defense
Personal Injury Surveillance
Background Checks
Workplace & Employment Investigations
Worker’s Compensation Investigations – AOE/COE, sub rosa, and 132a Investigations
Child Custody and Domestic Surveillance
International Backgrounds
Business Backgrounds
Business and Corporate Investigations
Records Research
Information Gathering
Mortgage/Broker Fraud Investigations
Family Law and Child Custody
Computer Forensics
Loss Prevention/ Theft Investigations
Locate Service/ Missing Person
Process/Legal Services
Undercover Investigations
Bug Sweeps – TSCM

We set our standards high. Gailey Associates provides full-service private investigation services┬áto the legal and business community. Our result-oriented teams of professionals uncover vital information to support the needs of our clients. Our investigators begin each assignment by listening to our clients’ needs. Understanding the subtleties of each case allows us to achieve maximum results, providing you with the information you need, when you need it.

Our performance has earned us a reputation for coming through in a clutch. We handle routine investigations and high-profile cases that demand the best investigative skills, with proven results. Many of our cases receive publicity – thereby generating intense scrutiny – requiring the height of professionalism and discretion. You know some of our clients; their names have become household words.