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Computer Forensics

In today’s digital world we leave traces of our activity on our cell/smart phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, GPS devices, digital cameras, emails, Facebook and other social networking sites. Retailers track our purchases through not only our credit cards but also through loyalty cards. Emails can be traced, the search terms you type in your computer can be identified, the web sites you visit can be identified and the digital files you think you have deleted can be recovered. Litigation and pre-litigation matters many times now involve analysis of digital evidence be it through computer forensics or discovery of electronically stored evidence.

Our practice leader in computer forensics has training in computer forensics and has testified in Superior Court as a computer forensic expert. Our services in this area include obtaining a forensically sound digital copy of the evidence, preservation of the evidence, analysis of the digital copy of the evidence and preparing a report and/or testifying as to our findings. Key word searches can be conducted to isolate only relevant material from a hard drive or storage device. If the client is searching for a specific file type or file created on a certain date those files can be identified and isolated for analysis.

Before you take your computer to an e-waste site, sell or donate it, Gailey Associates can also delete all information on a hard drive or storage device by overwriting all sectors with a specified character so that no information may be recovered.