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Background Investigations

Attorneys and parties in litigation many times want to know more about the opposing side or witness. Gailey Associates conducts background investigations to develop information relating to a person’s litigation history, criminal history, their mode of living, their social networking presence and other public records. Gailey Associates, at all times, conducts these investigations within the parameters of applicable Federal and State privacy laws.

Gailey Associates, Inc. has a full staff of researchers ready and willing to help you or your client with any research request. With more resources than most investigation agencies, superior data bases and in house micro-film library we can accommodate any request.

Types of Records Research:

Business Records
Civil Court Records
Criminal Court Records
Tax Liens
Prior Lawsuits
WCAB Background
Consumer Affairs
Board of Equalization
Notice of Defaults
Business Information
Fictitious Business Names
International Records

Where we Search:

Court Records
Municipal Records
County Records
State Records
Federal Records
Recorders Office
Public Records
Vehicles Records
Other Sources
All our searches are done by Licensed Private Investigators and Qualified Research Experts.

We are due diligent in our searches with very competitive rates. All requests can be done via e-mail or fax. There is no need to meet. Request a quote today!